Sitemap - 2023 - Wayfare

Our 1st Birthday

Heshel Pays Fast Offering


Poor Wards, Wealthy Church

Before the Night Grew Silent

Cultivating Love

Circles, Suffering, and Stories

The Geniza

Finding Joy

The Wise Man

A Gift To Cherish

Building Peace

Protocols of the Elders of Chelm

Missionary Weekly Report

Choosing Hope

Communal Religion and the Covenant Path

Healing Powers: An Interview with Charlotte Condie

The Ward Mission Plan

Come, Lord Jesus

Good Tidings of Great Joy

Falling Into Paradise

The Necessity of God

Clever Gretele and the Pyramid Scheme

Romney: Our Own Reckoning

How to Think Politically

Partisan or Disciple?

Two-Hour Church

A Lost Sheep

How to Make Sense of the World: The Case for Reading the News

Oskar the Miser Pays Fast Offering

Peter Is Still Walking on Water

A Taoist Reading of “The Family—A Proclamation to the World”: Romance

Write for Wayfare! Work for Wayfare!

The Incident at Burning Bush Ranch

Ministering Angles

Beneath the Visiting Moon

A Grief Shared

Things to Seek After

How the Church Came to Chelm

Filling the Measure

Three Paradoxes of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

An Insider's View of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Restore Poetry

Esther, Revisited

Pied Beauty Redux


Holy of Holies

The Grove

When It Comes

Marrying in the Church

Tales of the Chelm First Ward: Introduction

Mormon Horror

The Theology of Birds

Book Five: Devarim (Words)

Constrained to Kill

A Foray into Fiction

Divine Vulnerability

Documents for the North America Article

Documentos artículo Norteamérica

Eternal Lives, Embodied

The Sacrament of Attention


Book Four, "Sinai"

Generation, Artifice, Intelligence

An Avoidable Apocalypse

AI and the Future of Faith

Authentic Intelligence vs. Artificial Intelligence

Charitable Cyborgs

Book Three, Section Three

Bridal Veil

10 Ways Not to Talk about Artificial Intelligence

Algorithmic Advent

The Gift of Zeal

Book Three, Section Two (continued)

The Bishop's Chapbook

Volunteering for Good

Issue 2 Update, Three New Essays and an Invitation to a Special Event with Tara Isabella Burton

The Re-Enchantment of the Earth

Infinity Could Not Be Smaller

The Theological Turn in Book of Mormon Studies

Book Three, Section Two

Book Three: Vayiqra (And He Called), Section One (Continued)

A Perfect Brightness of Hope

In Search of Pioneer Day

Pioneer Day

No Two People Are Not on Fire

Book Three: Vayiqra (And He Called), Section One

Elkanah's First Wife, Hannah

Equal Partners, Infinite Debt

Meet the Early-day Saints Episode 14: Middle-day Saints, with Miranda Wilcox

Book Two, Chapter Twelve

Meet the Early-day Saints Episode 13: Millennium, with Nicholas J. Frederick

Book Two, Chapter Eleven

The Sound that Birthed the Universe

Bearing Witness to Silence

A God Who Wants

That We May Have Light

Announcing Issue 2

Meet the Early-day Saints Episode 12: The Afterlife, with D. Jill Kirby

Book Two, Chapter Ten

New Things Old

The Joys & Dangers of a Textual Faith

Reclaiming the Desert

Book Two, Chapter Nine

Longing is the Essence of Faith

Drawn to New Life

Becoming God's Family

Meet the Early-day Saints Episode 11: Work for the Dead, with Catherine Gines Taylor

Book Two, Chapter Eight


An Infinite Heaven

A Wider Spectrum of Color

Eternity in the Ether: A Mormon Media History

Book Two, Chapter Seven

Poem to be Left Behind

How Wide is God’s Reach?

Last Miracle Standing

Meet the Early-day Saints Episode 10: Becoming Like God, with Daniel Becerra

Book Two, Chapter Six

In Praise of Nothing

A Feast of Friendship

Blessings from Another Altar

Meet the Early-day Saints Episode 9: Atonement and Grace, with Cecilia M. Peek

Book Two, Chapter Five

Insight at First Sight

The Triumph Over Sorrow

Meet the Early-day Saints Episode 8: Divine Nature, with Jason R. Combs

Book Two, Chapter Four

A Zion For All of Us

Facing Zion

God and Onions

Meet the Early-day Saints Episode 7: Human Nature, with Gaye Strathearn

Book Two, Chapter Three

His Eyes

Echoes of Ascent

The Soul As If Treasured

Meet the Early-day Saints Episode 6: Worship and Ritual, with Mark D. Ellison

Book Two, Chapter Two

Prayer Language

Readiness to Love

Turn Sideways into the Light

Meet the Early-day Saints Episode 5: Sacred Spaces, with Matthew J. Grey

It Rains Every Day

Book Two, Chapter One

The Direction of Souls

Spiritual Matter

Meet the Early-day Saints Episode 4: Scripture and Authority, with Thomas A. Wayment

Book One, Chapter Seven

The Many Slumbers

Yearning for Our Mother

Holy Fools and the Presence of God


Why Do We Need an Atonement?

The Mother of Virtues

Winter Sijo

Book One, Chapter Six

Congratulations to the New Conductor of the Tabernacle Choir

The Gate of Eternity

The End of Tragedy

Meet the Early-day Saints Episode 3: Priesthood Offices and Women's Leadership Roles, with Ariel Bybee Laughton

Book One, Chapter Five

The Gift

With Charity For All

A Taoist Reading of "The Family—A Proclamation to the World": Extremes and Their Resolution

Gary Smith's "The Poisoned Tree"

Meet the Early-day Saints Episode 2: Preaching, with Kristian Heal

Book One, Chapter Four

Eve at 87

The Weight of Water

Education and the Consecrated Life

Meet the Early-day Saints Episode 1: Apostasy and Restoration, with Jason R. Combs

Book One, Chapter Three

Tonglen at En-gedi

The Quality of Mercy

Journeys of the Spirit

Book One, Chapter Two

Picturing the Divine Feminine: An Interview with Greg Olsen


The Beauty of Communion

Broken Hearts and the Body of Christ

What Poems Must You Write

Book One, Chapter One

Small Things

The Promise of an Empty Church

Learning to Receive


Fire and Water

Wonder at the Word

Faith in the Twenty-First Century

Soulcraft at BYU

Cormac McCarthy and The Paradox of Opposition

The Shock of Love

Order of Operations

In Praise of Empathy

The Bonds of Love

A Royal Pain: The Case for Coming Together—to Ignore Monarchy Headlines

Beethoven and Jesus

A Witness At All Times

Suffering Towards Godliness

Print Issue #1 Update

Two Works of Doctrine

The Burning Bush

Steps Into the Dark: An Interview with J. Kirk Richards

Heaven in Smaller Form

Laughing with Jesus