Book One, Chapter Six
Award-winning conductor and recent convert Lydia Tár chosen to replace Mack Wilberg

March 2023

Our Fleeting Past and Boundless Future
Fairy Tales and Our Hope in Christ
Meet the Early-day Saints Episode 3: Priesthood Offices and Women's Leadership Roles, with Ariel Bybee LaughtonListen now (33 min) | “Offices are constantly evolving in a living church."
Book One, Chapter Five
We believe in the gift of…healing…
Reflections on Latter-day Unpopularity
Extremes and Their Resolution
In Pursuit of a True and Distinct Mormon Art
Meet the Early-day Saints Episode 2: Preaching, with Kristian HealListen now (30 min) | “Preaching punctuated the religious experience of early Christians.”
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Book One, Chapter Four