Mar 26 • 33M

Meet the Early-day Saints Episode 3: Priesthood Offices and Women's Leadership Roles, with Ariel Bybee Laughton

“Offices are constantly evolving in a living church."

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Ariel Bybee Laughton
Blair Hodges
Audio Explorations in Faith | Our first series, "Meet the Early-day Saints," is produced and hosted by Blair Hodges.
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“Offices are constantly evolving in a living church, they're constantly adjusting to revelation and to the needs of the people, and that’s okay. It really does open possibilities for women in the future.”

In the Greco-Roman world of early Christianity, women were considered inferior to men. Dr. Ariel Bybee Laughton says Christianity offered new ways to think about the roles of women in society, and their power and authority waxed and waned over time. We discuss her chapter “Church Organization: Priesthood Office and Women’s Leadership Roles” from the book Ancient Christians: An Introduction for Latter-day Saints.


About the Guest

Ariel Bybee Laughton is an independent historian in Houston. She earned her bachelor’s in history from BYU, and her master’s and PhD in religion from Duke University. 

About the Host

Blair Hodges earned a bachelor’s degree in communications (journalism) at the University of Utah and a master’s degree in religious studies at Georgetown University. He hosts Fireside with Blair Hodges and previously hosted the Maxwell Institute Podcast at Brigham Young University.

Cover art by Charlotte Condie