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Meet the Early-day Saints Episode 5: Sacred Spaces, with Matthew J. Grey

Meet the Early-day Saints Episode 5: Sacred Spaces, with Matthew J. Grey

“Places of worship can tell us a lot about what early Christians believed. And the spaces themselves help inform and shape those beliefs.”

Early Christians didn’t have wonderful or ornate buildings to gather in during the first decades. They met in small homes and living spaces. Matthew J. Grey takes us back to these early house churches and tells us what worship was like there. As Christianity spread, new buildings replaced the old, which reflected development in belief and worship. In this episode we discuss Grey’s chapter, “Sacred Spaces and Places of Worship: From House Churches to Monumental Basilicas,” from the book Ancient Christians: An Introduction for Latter-day Saints.


About the Guest

Matthew J. Grey is professor of ancient scripture and affiliate faculty member of the Ancient Near Eastern Studies program at Brigham Young University. He earned his PhD in ancient Mediterranean religions from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

About the Host

Blair Hodges earned a bachelor’s degree in communications (journalism) at the University of Utah and a master’s degree in religious studies at Georgetown University. He hosts Fireside with Blair Hodges and previously hosted the Maxwell Institute Podcast at Brigham Young University.

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