Wrestling with Angels

Joseph Smith referred to “Holy men [and women] ye know not of.” We might take that as an implicit challenge to recover many of these lost voices in the wilderness, be provoked and inspired by them, and weave them into our own spiritual quest for wholeness and healing of ourselves and the world. This regular column by Terryl Givens will celebrate some of these voices and reflect the author's own wrestles with their visionary words.

“We are endlessly oned to Him in love” – Julian of Norwich We tend to refer to the atonement as a power in itself, a transcendent force or event which…
One of the marvelous turns in contemporary theology is the drive to recapture the God described by John.
Authenticity, Imitation, and Obedience
"Unity in essentials, liberty in things indifferent, and charity in all things."
Emanuel Swedenborg’s Vision of Friendship
For many years I taught law enforcement officers in a seminar for those in the upper administrative ranks—a liberal arts-based approach to “executive…
Our Hopes for Salvation
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